African Music

Music is a combination of sounds that is produced instrumentally or vocally or both. Africa is about music among other phenomena. Music is a natural and integral part of African culture and used in just about any functions.

The varieties and diversities of African music exported to the rest of the world are indisputable. This is not to deny the fact that other cultures of the world have their kinds of music. It is just that the varieties of African music is linked to lots of popular genres in our modern world.

Excerpts of African music have been exported in one way or the other to the rest of the world and back to Africa, and believe it or not, a lot still remain unknown. From drumming, singing, chanting, dancing,'s all part of daily lifestyle in the continent.

Check out this well documented video by Thomas Roebers and Floris Leeuwenberg showing how Africa is endowed with music.



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